Introductory Statement

(October 2015) – The purpose of this faculty professional portfolio is to demonstrate that my qualifications and accomplishments warrant promotion to Full Professor status at Salt Lake Community College.

The current incarnation of this portfolio is framed as an overarching statement, or argument, towards this purpose.  In it, I provide a holistic account of my performance since 2004–the year I was promoted to Associate Professor–as well as a focused self-assessment of my work during the past four to five years.

My career has undergone several changes since I was promoted to Associate Professor. In that time, I have been the Founding Director of the SLCC Community Writing Center, the English Department Coordinator, and Founding Director of the SLCC Writing Across the College program. To aid in comprehending this complexity, I present this portfolio narratively with all appendices linked within the text.  Additionally, I provide my curriculum vitae for referencing purposes.

The majority of this portfolio is dedicated to my Teaching work, as is expected by the SLCC Faculty Tenure and Academic Rank Guidelines and Rubric, but I also have presented important accomplishments in Professional Activity and Service.  Together, this portfolio shows that I have consistently performed at a level that exceeds the expectations for Associate Professors at SLCC and I respectfully apply for promotion to Full Professor.

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