Professional Activity for Self

I have been committed to professional development and engagement with my colleagues at SLCC, across the state, and across the nation. In addition to being a career-long member of the National Conference on the Teaching of English, the Conference on College Composition and Communication, and the Two Year College English Association, I have also been a member of the International Writing Center Association (a membership that I let go after leaving the CWC).

My curriculum vitae will attest to the fact that I have regularly presented at conferences over my entire career, averaging more than one per year. I have presented on conference panels and workshops more than 30 times and I have been an invited speaker (including plenary and keynote lectures) nine times at venues across the country.

I am somewhat uncomfortable in doing so, but for the purposes of this portfolio, I need to draw attention to the fact that I am a nationally-recognized scholar and activist teacher in the fields of community literacy, community writing, and community writing centers. I serve on the board on the Community Literacy Journal, and have served as a peer reviewer for the Studies in Writing and Rhetoric publication series, the Reflections journal, and the Writing Lab Newsletter.

In my new career trajectory as director of the Writing Across the College program,  I have started my professional activity anew in this new field of writing studies. In just one year, I have been accepted to, or invited to, present at three national conferences.  Whether my scholarship in this area will develop to the same level as that of my community literacy work remains to be seen, but I believe I am off to a good start.

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