Circulating Communities

In addition to my eight peer-reviewed article publications, one of which was anthologized in Writing and Community Engagement: A Critical Sourcebook, I have produced two major publications that have contributed to the field’s scholarship and shaped how colleagues across Picture of Circulating Communities Bookthe nation have done community literacy and community writing work. The first, and less influential, is my co-edited collection, Circulating Communities: The Tactics and Strategies of Community Publishing.

Phyllis Mentzell Ryder from George Washington University reviews this book, “Circulating Communities introduces a much needed, new area of scholarship: community publishing. It tackles a question largely ignored by most scholarship on public writing: How do groups—especially marginalized groups—publish and distribute their work? Best of all, it provides clear-eyed analyses of marginalized communities as they struggle to speak publicly and on their own terms. This new focus on circulation and community publishing is a must read for any program that studies or teaches public writing.”

Circulating Communities, edited with Paula Mathieu from Boston College and Steve Parks from Syracuse University, pulls together eleven contributions exploring community publication practices ranging from post-Katrina writing groups in New Orleans to prison publishing programs to the Federation of Worker Writers in post-industrial England.

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