Rhetoric of Respect

My single-authored book, Rhetoric of Respect: Recognizing Change at a Community WritingPicture of Rhetoric of Respect Book Center has made a larger impact on the knowledge base of the fields of community literacy, community writing, and community writing centers. Published by the National Council of Teachers of English Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series, this book “[draws] from [my] decade leading Salt Lake Community College’s Community Writing Center (CWC), [and] advocates cultivating relationships within a “rhetoric of respect” that recognizes the abilities, contributions, and goals of all participants. [I] call for understanding change not as a result or outcome, but as the potential for people to make choices regarding textual production within regulating environments.”

Rhetoric of Respect shares discursive space with other important scholarly texts, including The Everyday Writing Center; Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers, and Because We Live Here.   This book has been favorably reviewed by several academic journals, including the Writing Center Journal, Teaching English in the Two-Year College (TETYC), and CCC (College Composition and Communication).

It is this rhetoric of respect that thoroughly informs my teaching, as I have discussed in the Teaching section. It shapes the collaborative space of my curriculum, the student-centered focus, and the emphasis on formative assessment practices.

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