Faculty Writing Support

The Writing Across the College program is not limited to supporting student writing. It is committed to the writing needs of faculty, staff, and administrators as well and as such I have created professional development resources for each. WAC@SLCC projects directed towards this purpose are varied and can be found attached here, but for this professional portfolio, I wish to highlight the work I have done to support faculty to develop their own professional portfolios for SLCC’s new Faculty Tenure and Academic Rank Promotion evaluation process.

A limited number of faculty at SLCC have developed teaching or academic portfolios; none have done so in response to the new evaluative rubric criteria. When I realized that the Faculty Tenure and Academic Rank Promotion Guidelines did not provide much direction regarding the expectations for a professional portfolio, I offered to develop training materials to support faculty in this endeavor. With salary now attached to rank, I believed it was essential that faculty without such writing experience or confidence not be placed at a disadvantage compared to other faculty who may have it. Similarly, I felt it was important that Associate Deans have the opportunity to have a shared sense of what to expect from their faculty in terms of presentation.

Therefore, I heeded the suggestions of Paul Allen, Associate Dean of Humanities, Language and Cultures, to look into the work of Peter Seldin and Elizabeth Williams on academic and teaching portfolios. Drawing from their work (and from examples of teaching portfolios from other institutions of higher education) and integrating it with the SLCC Guidelines and Rubric, I developed a training sequence of four videos that take viewers through the purposes, strategies, and structures of successful professional portfolios. These videos have already been viewed more than 250 times by faculty. I have already presented this training for the School of Business and will be offering trainings in collaboration with the Director of e-Portfolios to schools and divisions that request it. In addition, I have created more materials to understand the professional portfolio for faculty and associate deans.

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