Service to the College

As my curriculum vitae shows, my service to the college and the larger academic community has been consistent, varied, and deep. I have served on multiple hiring committees, tenure committees, advisory committees, and more. I have served in leadership roles on both the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Association (and received awards for excellence in communication three years in a row). I have mentored, and am currently mentoring, multiple faculty who joined the English department after I did. I have opened my classes to adjunct faculty.

I have led curriculum reviews of the linguistics courses in our department, and have participated in writing across the curriculum assessments prior to the WAC program and provided workshops to faculty. I have served in an “officer” role (treasurer) for the Writing and Social Justice conference for several years, and have served my colleagues who have led conferences here in Salt Lake City, (specifically the National Conference on Peer Tutoring of Writing and the Two-Year College English Association-West Conference) by providing administrative, design, and local arrangement support.

Over the scope of my career at the college, my service path could be represented as follows: in the first part of my career, my service was leadership-based and focused on curriculum reform and faculty advocacy; in the middle, I was mostly involved in community engagement committee work, yet remained invested in departmental and college-wide activities through committee membership; and in the past five years, my service has less visible but equally important as I have dedicated significant effort to serving my home department through organizational reform and the college through the Whistleblower committee. My service future is now re-expanding to a more visible college-wide one through the Writing Across the College program.

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