Service to the Whistleblower Committee

For the purposes of this professional portfolio, I’d like to draw attention to some of my service that has been less visible to the broader college community. Specifically, I’d like to focus on my service to my home department, and to the Whistleblower committee.

Since it is a type of service that requires a high degree of confidentiality, and therefore not much can be shared about it, I will address the Whistleblower committee first. This committee is tasked with hearing and investigating suspected improper activities at the college and is made up of approximately eight people from across the college from very different roles. I represent the faculty perspective. While most of the allegations are referred to college supervisors, when an investigation does take place, it is arduous, time-consuming, and challenging on many levels. I have served on this committee for the past four years.

Go to Service to the English Department–>

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