Non-Salaried Service

Since my departure from “official” work with the community through the CWC, my service work to the community has become more localized and specifically connected to my child’s elementary education experience. Yet, I bring my expertise and resources to these service efforts, leading writing and reading education initiatives at the magnet public school that he attends, ensuring that the under-served students who attend the school’s “neighborhood program” are provided with literacy opportunities they do not have access to. Specifically, I have increased the book circulation at the school by establishing a book exchange and have led the annual “Reading Is Fun” week for four years, which provides activities and incentives for students to engage with reading in new and fun ways.

In a quasi-official manner, I have also served the community through on-going engagement with the Salt Lake Center for Science Education (SLCSE), a public charter middle and high school located in Rose Park (which accepts students by lottery but maintains a 50% local student acceptance ratio). In 2011-2012 I collaborated with the school to establish a writing center for the students and their family members. I also spent two years working with the faculty members to start up and grow a writing across the curriculum initiative. Most recently, I have been a recurring judge for their Poetry Out Loud annual competition. My position as a member of the SLCC faculty is an informing element of these service efforts, yet is not actively developing formalized institutional connections between SLCSE and SLCC.

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