Teaching Self Assessment

In this subsection of my Teaching Section of my Professional Portfolio, I present evidence of my work in the areas specific to the Rank, Promotion, and Tenure Evaluative Rubric. To address every bullet-point in the rubric is impossible if I hope to maintain a cohesive narrative. (Samples of my syllabi–ENGL 1010, ENGL 2010, ENGL 2030–attest to many of the professional performance criteria in the Instructional Design and Assessment and Course Management areas of the rubric.)

Therefore I will approach this holistically and organically, by first providing an overview of my achievements as a teacher, and then delving into four areas that I would like to specifically highlight: 1) Research on Expertise and Student Learning; 2) Grading Team Experiments; 3) Connected English 1010/2010 sequence; and 4) Open Education Resource development and support.

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