Open Educational Resources

The Connected Composition Sequence project has been made possible by developing Open Education Resources (OER) specifically for the two courses. Creating OER for gateway courses has recently become a priority for SLCC through the office of Educational Initiatives, directed by Jason Pickavance. I have been very happy about this since I have created and used OERs in my composition classes for at least 15 years (long before they were called “Open Education Resources”). I stopped using textbooks in my composition courses as a direct result of my exposure and commitment to critical democratic pedagogies. Pickavance said to me, in a recent email, “I consider you the OER vanguard in the department…It was after talking to you many years ago that I began my own individual forays into OER.”

Many years ago, when I first ventured into what’s now known as OER, I was also co-developing assignment sequences with my classes. Therefore, I created some of the materials for the courses, students provided material, and we found the rest on the Internet. When I moved away from collaborative assignments, I developed course websites on WordPress that provides all course resources (most created by me, but some linked to other sites). In 2012, I finally moved all of my OER materials to the SLCC course management system, Canvas.

All material on my composition course sites is either originally authored by me or linked to websites or other source material. These Canvas sites serve as the textbook for students, and have also become resources for faculty who wish to move towards OER for their own teaching. I am now working with Pickavance and others in the department to establish a composition sequence set of OER materials in alignment with the English 1010/2010 curricular revision project, thus making OER possible for adjunct faculty as well as full-time faculty members.

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