Teaching Self Assessment Overview

My teaching has consistently received high evaluations from students, through both the SLCC system and Rate My Professors (which, while completely invalid statistically, is a useful source for unsolicited qualitative and anecdotal response from students). Samples of SLCC student evaluations from each of the past four fall semesters  show higher than average student reviews of my teaching.  In these student evaluations, an increase between 2011 and 2012 appears, likely due to improving on methods that were piloted in the previous year.  In 2013, I undertook a major revision of my curriculum and results in 2013 and 2014 bear out the success of that work.

Chart of Student Persistence and Completion

In addition, my courses have shown high levels of retention and completion over the course of several semesters, particularly in the gateway English 1010 courses, which all, or nearly all, AA/AS/AAS students at SLCC have to complete.

I have also been recognized multiple times for my teaching by the college: I received the SLCC Outstanding Faculty Member in Service Learning and, early on in my career, the Outstanding Teaching Award from the SLCC Disability Resource Center. I also was awarded the SLCC Teaching Excellence Award and was nominated for it by students three separate times, but declined to pursue nomination from my department since I had already received it.

Occasionally, I’m fortunate enough to receive a kind email from a previous student commenting on their experiences in my class. At the beginning of this semester, I  just happened to receive one that I share here.

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