Teaching Responsibilities

My teaching responsibilities have fluctuated since I was promoted to Associate Professor status in July 2004. While I was directing the SLCC Community Writing Center (CWC) from 2001 to 2010, I taught one course per semester, and then two courses per semester plus Student Writing Center contact hours during my final year.

After I departed the CWC, my load was the same as all English department full-time, tenure-track/tenured faculty members: 15 credit hours, which is most often distributed amongst three composition courses and one non-composition course, along with three contact hours in the Student Writing Center. During this time, I cycled through teaching English 1010: Intro to Writing, English 2010: Intermediate Writing, English 1200: Intro to Linguistics, and English 2030: Language in U.S. Society.

Since Fall 2014, when I was selected for the position of Director of Writing Across the College, my teaching load has been one course per semester. I have, and will, only teach English 1010 and English 2010 while I am in this position. While I had already transitioned English 1200 to other faculty in the department, I mentored two faculty in our department during 2013-2014 to ensure that our English 2030 course continued without disruption. I provided them with all the curriculum that I had designed, and a full Canvas course so the objectives, methodologies, and dynamic resources of that successful course could be continued.

As the WAC Director, my teaching responsibilities additionally have traveled outside of the student-centered classroom into the amorphous spaces of faculty and staff development. (I discuss these in the Professional Activity section.)  These responsibilities reflect the extra-curricular teaching I did while director of the CWC, teaching that responded directly to specific audiences, needs, and locations.

The philosophy, objectives, and methodologies that I discuss in the sections that follow apply to both my curricular and extracurricular teaching, although I offer analysis of my curricular teaching only due to space constraints.

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